Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Google+ Photowalk #thewalkdownunder

This last weekend hundreds of people met up in Australia in all the major cities for a big photowalk. All posts can be found by searching for #thewalkdownunder in Google, Google+, twitter...etc.  its everywhere.

As this was a synchronised photowalk across time zones Perth had its start scheduled at 5am.
It was an early wakeup to meet up in Fremantle at 5am but it was well worth it. 
I met some great people and wish I had time to meet everyone else. 
Having an early start has its advantages as you'll see in the images below. Photographers call it the golden hour, sunrise and sunset.

Fremantle Harbour
Google sponsored us t-shirts which was great, a key beacon for us to find each other while walking through the streets.

Here are some of the guys I met and had a great morning with. The completion of this walk sparked us to talk about the next meet...and so it will happen.
Here are the rest of the images I took that morning. You will find plenty more from others and videos on Google+ and YouTube.
Magical sunrise over Fremantle Harbour.
I like this because its holds some contradiction.
Some movement, bikers up early.
There are more pictures in my photo gallery on picasa or contribute and share on Google+. http://gplus.to/AMPImages

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