Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday to Navini Island, Fiji.

This year we picked Fiji and specifically Navini Island to spend our holiday.
We met some fantastic people and saw some amazing scenery, some of which you will see below.

Navini Island, arriving by boat. This wasn't our actual arrival for that was at 6am. This was taken on return from one of the daily trips available for free when you stay at Navini.

Out of the 12 days we spent there all but 2 were perfect. For early December, which is the beginning of the rainy season, this was a gift we didn't waste. We spend most days going on the morning trip from about 9am to 12pm then snorkeling around the island.

The island is kept clean and maintained well and you'll notice this when you walk around it, which is about a 10min walk.

The day trips included going to unnamed snorkeling reefs, a sand quay, dolphin spotting, visiting a local village on a nearby Island and other resorts. All of this gives you perspective and makes you realise how wonderful Navini really is.

Your Bure or beach bungalow is perched just off the water's edge giving each unit privacy and a view to enjoy. 
The units had been renovated just before we got there and were really nice, new beds, new bathrooms and a room makeover. It was worth every cent. Their websites pictures are yet to be updated, as of today they are showing the old rooms. 27th December 2015. 
Here is some idea of what to expect. The new bed arrived after these images were taken and the bathroom looks great.

When walking around the island, here are some of the sites you can expect to see.
 Each bure has its own fixed beach or grass 'umbrella'.
 Right outside our bure, I took the camera for a swim, with a protective case and worked hard to get a this shot which I had been planning in mind since we booked.
Once you put on the snorkeling ear and venture just a little further out you can explore the local reef . It's a protected reserve so you get to see all sorts of coral and fish going about their daily chores.
More underwater images can be viewed here in the full holiday album.

There is a resident turtle, ray and a few sharks that can be seen if you stay still and quiet while swimming. Allow the current to guide you over the reef when snorkeling and always avoid stepping or knocking the coral.

Don't worry the sharks aren't interested and will mind their own business if you just observe them.
Black and white tip reef sharks are then common species of shark you will see.

Meet the locals and be as friendly as they are. When you live in or travel to a place like Fiji you'll find it difficult to get stressed about anything.

The resort is fully catered so there is no need to take any food or drink with you. The food, served 3 times a day is more than enough for the hungry ones and the quality is fantastic. The homemade bread and ice cream is a daily treat.

Sunset on the last day.

For more photos of the reef and its inhabitants as well as some of the day trip locations view the gallery and decide for yourself if it's worth the trip. 

I'll be adding images and video to my YouTube channel soon so subscribe now to ensure you don't miss out.

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