Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sony A55 is alive

RIP Sony A55...big sad face. 

On a shoot today my A55 switched itself off and decided to stay off. No error, no warning. :-(
It happened half way through my shoot so I didn't get to finish, no backup body. Luckily for me one of the hosts had a a dslr so I adapted and completed it on their camera.
I'll have to book it into the 'hospital'.
Bright side is I have a reason to get the A77 but would have preferred getting the A99 as my second body.

An update as of 17/09/2012 the A55 has been repaired and is on its way back. $306 for a new shutter charge unit to be fitted, guess I took too many pictures.
I've purchased the A77 and hope it lasts longer.

Update: 20/09/2012 I received my A55 back from the store, and all is good. The shutter does sound a bit louder than I remember it but it doesn't bother me.
Happy shooting.

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